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What to Expect during your Visit

After you book your appointment, we understand there can be so many questions- we hope the following information provides the clarity needed. If there is anything else we can do for you, please contact us!

Book your Appointment

You can book your appointment by clicking the button below. These appointments are approximatley 90 minutes long. 

Before Your Appointment

While you do not need to bring anything extra to your appointment, these items can help when finding your gown:

1. Any undergarments (corsets, bra, etc.) that you plan to wear during your wedding

2. Photos of gowns in styles you are enjoying

3. While you do not need to bring the exact shoe you are wanting to wear during your wedding, have a firm idea of the kind of shoe (thick boots, extra tall heels, barefoot, etc.)

We will contact you prior to your appointment if you have not confirmed your appointment, and to ask if there is anything else we can do to make your stay more enjoyable

Your Appointment

It's "say yes to the dress" day! Here is what you can expect during your appointment:

1. When you arrive, you and your wedding party will be greeted by our friendly staff and escorted to your fitting room and showroom.

2. Bubbly time! Prosecco, water, and other drinks will be available to you during your appointment.

3. Our stylist will ask if you have any photos of gowns in styles you are interested in or have tried on. Then, the stylist and bride will begin choosing gowns that are of interest to try on. As the appointment furthers, gowns can be added as time allows. As dresses are narrowed down to finding the one, the stylist will recommend accessories like veils and belts if the bride chooses.

4. Say yes! If you find your wedding dress, we will take your measurements and begin ordering the gown. (Didn't find your dress? Don't sweat it! We can help you schedule another appointment and look at dresses that can be added to the boutique that better match your style!) 

After Your Appointment

After you have found love at First Look Bridal, your gown will be ordered through our designers. After the dress is made for you, we will give you a call to come pick up your gown and take it to alterations. We have bridal atelier connections in different points of the city to provide brides with the convenience of choosing alterations that work best with their locations and budgets. 

When alterations are finished, you can bring your wedding gown for complimentary steaming in preparation for your wedding day! Participating in bridal shots? Let us know, and we can have your gown steamed before your bridals, too!

Wedding Day and Beyond

It's your wedding day- congratulations!

We love celebrating our brides, so be sure to mention us on your social media pages.

Once your wedding has concluded, you can take advantage of the discount we provide brides in preserving their gowns. 

Want to learn more about First Look Bridal? Click our "About Us" to get to learn more about who we are and why we started First Look Bridal!

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