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We hope your big day was everything you dreamed it would be! Now that it has come and passed, it is time to preserve your wedding gown. Look no further than First Look Bridal and our partnership with Wedding Dress Preservation Co.!

To see the process of cleaning and preserving your gown, watch the video below, then continue reading to learn how to get your gown preserved at First Look Bridal.

Wedding Dress

Step 1: Bring your gown and accessories to First Look Bridal.

Give us a call or text and let us know you would like to bring your gown to get preserved. Have a veil, garter, or other accessory you want to send? Bring those, too! Your box can fit up to 5 accessories!

Step 2: We will help you package up your gown. 

We will pack up your gown to be sent off to get cleaned and steamed. Let us know you are aware of any staining that may have happened so we can let them know to pay extra attention in these areas.


Step 3: Purchase and track shipping.

Once your gown is packaged and purchased, we will provide you with an order number and a way to track your gown as it goes through the process of getting preserved.


Did you purchase your gown at First Look Bridal? Receive an extra discount for your preservation! 

Step 4: Arrival!

Your cleaned and preserved gown can get shipped to the store or directly to your home! Enjoy:

100% organic processing

100 YEAR guarantee

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