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The Team

Who We Are


Jossa Henson


Meet Jossa, the creative powerhouse and co-owner of this brand-new bridal boutique! With her flair for fashion and eye for trends, she's curated an incredible collection of gowns that cater to every bride's unique style. Jossa's bubbly personality and passion for all things weddings make dress shopping an absolute blast. She's all about spreading love and helping brides find their dream dresses for their big day!


Francia McKimmey

Bridal Consultant

Francia is the heart and soul of the boutique, infusing it with warmth and love. As a bridal consultant, her intuition and passion shine through, making every bride feel like family. Francia knows how to make each shopping experience personal and unforgettable, helping brides-to-be find the dress that speaks to their soul. Her infectious enthusiasm for weddings creates an atmosphere of pure joy and excitement!



Tanner Henson


Say hello to Tanner, the business whiz and co-owner of this amazing bridal haven! He's got a knack for making things run smoothly and is the marketing mastermind behind the scenes. Together with Jossa, they're bringing their shared dream to life, creating a space where love and style collide. Tanner's warm and approachable nature makes everyone feel at home as they embark on this exciting wedding dress journey.

Joshua McKimmey

B.E.O. (Brother Executive Officer)

Joshua is the craftsman and handyman who keeps everything looking fabulous! With his DIY skills and a knack for design, he's responsible for creating a welcoming and charming boutique atmosphere. Joshua's attention to detail ensures that everything is picture-perfect, making brides feel like they've stepped into a fairytale as they explore the boutique's treasures.

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